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Kasia UrbaniakFounder of Mistress Academy for Women, artist and author

I’ve had the pleasure of both co-coaching with Marija Parente as well as being coached by her for 2 years. I’ve seen her produce miraculous results in both my life and other’s. We’ve tackled issues in business, life and love. Since working with Marija I have produced more results in my business then I ever thought possible. I re-launched my coaching practice and am attracting new clients with ease. In life and love (which also parallels to business) Marija has taught me to open my heart. She’s guided me to work through past hurts, stood by my side and assisted me through current ones, taught me lessons in every situation I’ve encountered, and  facilitated my growth through the toughest of times. Marija has gone above and beyond our coaching agreement with her time, support, communication and love. Her commitment to my success and all of her clients successes is remarkable. Thank you Marija for all that you do!

I recently started working with Jason around my finances. I came to him with debt and wanting to produce more income. I thought it was a quick fix: save money here, make more money here, pay down debt and then I’d be done. Little did I know I had patterns and habits governing my spending that were controlling my financial life. Jason shined light on those patterns and helped me lay out a plan to restructure what wasn’t working and do what will work for me to be financially free. Jason’s coaching style is direct but still backed by love, and is just what I need to get straight with my finances and relationship with money.

Having both Jason and Marija on your team is a secret weapon. I began coaching with Marija and when she saw that Jason could help me with my finances she wasted no time on creating a custom package for me that way I was not spending more, but still getting every aspect of my life in balance. They both go above and beyond to support me in every way they can. From video production to my site, down to spreadsheets and weekly assignments to keep me on track and moving forward…they literally have me covered on all bases! It’s great to have such a powerhouse in my corner!

Brittany BrownInternational Master Coach & Speaker at Beating Binge Eating

Hiring Marija as my performance coach was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Marija is a results-driven professional with a unique twist. Adding intuition, dynamic compassion and empathy, Marija provides insightful interpretations and offers access to viable solutions specifically for her clients. It’s like she sees around corners and through obstacles, where I can’t and leads me to an opening and a space for action, breakthroughs and results.

When I started working with Marija, my focus was on my career, specifically securing a new job and increasing my income. I got that and so much more. With Marija’s coaching I achieved my intended goals– new job, more money and even an extra salary increase in my first three months.

I’ve always believed “how you do one thing is how you do everything…how you do your life”; but it took Marija’s whole life approach for achieving goals for me to truly experience it and to see that I can create/achieve anything I desire. Now I’m excited and inspired about new relationships, developing new business and creative projects and more fun. Marija enabled me to experience myself as someone who lives — and performs — at high level of energy, in alignment with my commitments, with clarity…and with an entirely new level of confidence and accomplishment.

Joanne CasulliHolistic Health and Lifestyle Consultant, Marketing Professional

When I hired Jason as a coach I was rebuilding my life after several losses going back nearly two years.   I was in a place of frustration and feeling pretty meek.

Jason not only helped me to re-start my business in a new, innovative and forward thinking way, he got me on track with the financial piece and he also helped me in many other ways I did not expect.  He helped me to build my self-confidence and do esteemable things for myself in a way I had not in a long time.  In short, Jason helped me to get my groove back and I am hugely grateful to him.

Sue AnelloHomeopathic Consultant & Educator, RSHom(NA), CCH

Jason has been a rock in my life!  He stands for me through thick and thin moments, accepting what show’s up!  What I appreciate most is his ability to call me out on habits that don’t serve the path I am creating…it can be hard to hear at times but such a supportive reality check.  Since starting work with Jason, I found a job that supports me to build my dream, I moved to a city that I always hoped to live in, and I am having breakthrough’s in my financial understanding and goals.  These breakthrough’s are contributing to building a business, something Jason has also played a big role coaching and guiding me through.

Nicola MosleyTrauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator at Trauma Sensitive Yoga West

There comes a time when you are in a good place, you have achieved many great things, you have strength and you can get anything you want. However, there is a “but”… you still struggle with money, structures and you work very very very hard! That was my case!

In working with Jason he made me reinvent a new “me” with more power than you I ever thought I had. I easily started this process as I am good at it – dreaming and creating, but then comes the reality check. The question Jason asked me was: “Are willing to do what it takes?”

I hired Jason as my coach and together he helped me see my patterns and make sure I totally stop repeating them. I never felt so much love and security from a person who is not my lover or mother. He created a discussion where I could authentically speak my fears and concerns, and then challenge myself to grow and accomplish my goals.

My results are a miracle! I am moving to my dream home with my fiancé. We are getting married in 2015. And I am creating the most important DREAM of my life – my yoga & spirituality center for retreats!

There is no way you will reinvent yourself if you don’t have a coach. I mean a GREAT coach! Jason is.

Isabelle MonetteYoga Instructor at Yoga Kosa

Even though my background is in accounting and management, I was a novice around managing my personal finances, mostly because I wasn’t educated about it.

Parente Coaching helped me look at what didn’t work in how I managed my finances day-to-day and allowed me to be creative in finding new ways to generate revenue.

Benoit FerlandAccountant

Marija is a phenomenal coach and I am so honored at the opportunity to write her a testimonial.  She has an unshakeable commitment to being and bringing the space of compassion to her clients and it was this commitment that had me take remarkable ground in being compassionate with myself.  While she was coaching me, I was able to deepen my relationship with my husband and empower him in what he is up to.  I was also able to forgive myself for some things I didn’t even realize I had been angry with myself for and learn how to really enjoy the life I have created, while–of course–powerfully creating what’s next.  She gives infinite space for whatever I’m dealing with and is uncannily able to hear what I need, whether it’s radically or subtly different from what I thought I needed!  Since I am also a coach, her listening for and coaching of me, has really supported me in providing breakthrough results for my clients as well.

Hilary HayesWholeness Coach, Writer, and Educator

Over the years I have tried and invested in accountants, loan consolidation, money management software and financial advisers with the hope of changing my bad money habits.  I became resigned that I would ever be able to get ahead.  Even worse, I saw that my son inherited my attitude toward money and he was headed down the same tunnel.  In a last ditch effort, I made what I felt was a final attempt to create a new financial future. At 63, the need is imperative since I have not saved a dime for retirement.

Since January 1st, I have retained  Jason Parente as a financial coach for myself and my 23 year old son.  In three months time –working separately  with him – we have dramatically altered our situation from one of dismissing or ignoring our financial future to embracing it with excitement and enthusiasm. Jason has the knowledge, skills, tools, approach and insight to relate equally well with this baby boomer mom and my millennial son.  Knowing that my son is learning what I never knew and was unable to teach is the single best investment I could make in his future.

Joan OliverPrincipal - Joan Oliver Development Services

When I started coaching with Parente Coaching I started as a resigned person. I am now a motivated entrepreneur! I am actually living something that gives me so much more energy than all I’ve done before. Sometimes I ask myself why I didn’t do it before. The answer is simple, I had no idea what was Parente Coaching.

Jason is switching my mind set. He says what I need to hear without necessarily saying what I want to hear.

I strongly recommend Parente Coaching if you want to be successful and happy. They work with you, for you!

Dany Ferland

Before my work with Parente Coaching, I didn’t have a game plan or a road map for my finances. The coaching and tools with which we work have become my GPS in my personal finances as well as those of my business.

Today I have a clear vision of my money situation and I have no doubt of the road to take to accomplish my objectives & attain financial freedom.

Jeff MénardPresident at Diverticom

One week before renewing my contract with Jason, I sought advice from my surroundings in connection with money and my business. Their ideas were good, but I realized that there was a limit. Relying on the advice of people to improve my finances would not have worked, I would have hit a ceiling. That’s why before being coached by Jason, it did not work. He coaches and guides you according to your financial situation with a step forward, a prosperous future in the target range.

Wetsphalie CharlesPresident at Direction West

Jason proved to be an excellent guide and coach.  He was able to take me from not knowing what my new business venture would look like to having concrete direction and purpose.  Jason never said what I should do; instead, he gave me the tools, insights, and motivation that allowed me to chart my own course.  Lastly, Jason is a great listener, always taking into account what I had to say and dynamically crafting his coaching to that end.

Tom PogacnikEntrepreneur

Initially, we worked together different areas of my life. The results emerged gradually, but I gave up along the way. However, there was a sphere of my life where I really wanted to have results, but I did not really believe.

I had to raise my sleeves and put me in action.
First action was to contact Jason and set up a six months coaching agreement. I panicked at the idea of having an agreement​​ for such a long time. The financial aspect was also playing in this decision, all of that without knowing if I would have visible and measurable results.

On the way to new adventures, I said to myself!

Twice a month, we had conversations for 30 minutes. I planned my action ans assignment in my calendar. I moved forward and saw that my project crystallized little by little. In my doubts, apprehensions, I communicated with Jason “my coach” in writing. The support was generous. Moreover, it was necessary that I go beyond my comfort zone and do different than what I always used to do … Sometimes it was not so easy and I was challenged. My perseverance and the confidence I had with Jason, “my coach” always propelled me forward.

I conclude by saying that my dream has come true and now I can say THANKS COACH for having been an outstanding partner and making me understand what I did not understand. I stumbled in repetitive actions seeking a different result; my behavior was always the same. I turned round. With you, I had to think differently and act differently.

I’m now in love with a wonderful man with whom I feel good, beloved and loved deeply and tenderly.

Lucie Mallette

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