Jason Parente

Jason Parente

Business, Financial & Personal Life Coach

Jason Parente is an experienced coach who led business, communication and leadership seminars to over ten thousand people across the globe in English and French.

Jason is passionate about finances as an access for people to have the life they want. His coaching and training experience create lasting solutions, and exponentially improve his client’s financial situation. His experience in real estate, entrepreneurship, investing and network marketing allow him to support his clients in finding pathways to success regardless of their starting point.

Jason received a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Microbiology & Immunology and Management in Montreal. He is happily married to his partner Marija and proud father of their boy Adrian.

Marija (Vukovic) Parente

Marija (Vukovic) Parente

Executive, Relationship & Personal Life Coach

Marija (Vukovic) Parente has been coaching for almost a decade. She is passionate about producing unprecedented results with her clients in all areas of their life. Her approach is unique given her training in different methodologies with common thread in building firm foundations, creating relationships that are supportive in producing results that seem unimaginable.

Marija received Bachelor degree in Film Production and Media and Master’s in Film Studies in New York City, was a trained leader at Landmark Education, a cutting edge training and development company and is a Certified Reiki Master.

Marija was a top performer in all her past coaching experiences and created Parente Coaching with her husband as a fulfillment of their shared passion for training people and supporting them in accomplishing the life of their dreams.

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