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Jason Parente

Jason Parente

Business & Financial Consultant

Money matters!

Not only does it matter but it tells a story about someone’s life in the most precise way. Everyone has their own money story and unless carefully examined, we can’t truly be creators of our own life. The sooner we face it, the sooner we can change.

I know what it feels like to come home and be fearful of new bills in the mailbox, of having no money at the end of the month in your checking account, of looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling like a loser because you are not giving yourself and your family the kind of life that you desire.

I’ve been there! I know what it feel like, I also know how to get you out of it.

My passion is supporting people in shifting their financial situation, going beyond survival and creating a life devoid of financial stress and pain.

I don’t do fine, I don’t do OK, I don’t do ordinary, I do Awesome!

If thinking $$ gives you butterflies or makes you want to faint. If you feel ashamed and guilty, or in any way if it is not AWESOME! Let’s talk and see what we can accomplish together.

Marija Parente

Marija Parente

Creatrix (mother, artist, coach)

You want a NEW LIFE?
No, really, what if you shut down that little voice in your head that is fighting this idea? “Which voice?” you ask. The voice in your head that is commenting on my first question: “what do you mean a new life?” “You can’t give me a new life” “my life is just fine, thank you very much”.

You see, in all my training (and I have spend way over a decade training with people in areas of life that matter the most, communication, relationships, spirituality, the feminine), I notice that people can often sound like big shots when you confront them with a question, but deep inside, they are hurting.

Some wounds run deep, mommy and daddy issues that are still unresolved, but some of them steam from more recent failures. If we are to ever create something NEW, we would have to learn to release all the crap that is holding us back. This is why we can’t do it alone.

We are simply not trained to hear ourselves the way other people see us. In fact, even when we look at the mirror, the person we see is not really what we look like. My point is this: you may think you show up one way, but without a committed listener, a coach, you really have no idea.

This is where I come in. I am strong and tough on the outside because I want to make a shift, I want to move things and make things happen, but I also hold a key to what really has people perform at their best. I wish it’d be easy to just give you the key, but the key is in my listening (and years of training) and my profound ability to hear what you are saying and help you REFRAME your beliefs and thoughts one at the time.

When you BECOME NEW, your life being NEW is just an inevitable outcome. You can’t do this on your own, it would take way too much time. Use me, hire me, I did this with hundreds of people and I’d be honor to support you too.